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Have You Ever Waffled a Falafel? Almost Paleo Cassava Falafel Waffles


It is Fall, this season is all about change as the leaves turn brilliant colors around me. It is also the season for all the warm and cozy spices like cinnamon and cumin, which are BOTH in this falafel. Continue reading “Have You Ever Waffled a Falafel? Almost Paleo Cassava Falafel Waffles”

The Warmest Hug a Pie Could Ever Give. Lamb Shepherds Pie

As the weather starts to cool down, it means it’s time for comfort foods. Is there a more comforting food than shepherds pie? Continue reading “The Warmest Hug a Pie Could Ever Give. Lamb Shepherds Pie”

My Ode to White Peaches Continues

This summer has been ridiculously hot, or maybe it’s because this summer is the first I have not had central air. How hot you ask? Like surround yourself with frozen food and fans hot. Continue reading “My Ode to White Peaches Continues”

Winner Winner (Paleo Fried) Chicken Dinner

Someone told me that “football season” is starting soon. The only thing I like about football season is the food. Continue reading “Winner Winner (Paleo Fried) Chicken Dinner”

Summer Rolls, Make Me Feel Fine…

When we were in Thailand in January (and it was still hotter than summer is here) we took a cooking class with a chef that was on Thailand’s version of Iron Chef. He told me the keys to Thai cuisine was spicy, sour and sweet. Continue reading “Summer Rolls, Make Me Feel Fine…”

If Zucchini Bread and Coffee Cake Had a Baby…

The last time I was making zucchini bread I was thinking, this is pretty great, but it could be awesome. I envisioned how putting a crumb top on it would really put it over the edge. So here you are, now over the edge Continue reading “If Zucchini Bread and Coffee Cake Had a Baby…”

Do You Like Pie? The EASIEST Key Lime Pie Popsicles

In the Northeast, it is getting HOT, like multiple showers a day hot. Since you really can’t escape it and I (foolishly) moved to a house without central air, popsicles were in the cards.

Continue reading “Do You Like Pie? The EASIEST Key Lime Pie Popsicles”

When I Eat Bread, I Eat Focaccia

Since I have been trying to be healthy (which is near impossible when studying– at least for me) I have not made any bread… until now Continue reading “When I Eat Bread, I Eat Focaccia”

Japanese Sweet Potato Tart (with Paleo Option)

Oriental/Japanese sweet potato is so much better than regular sweet potatoes. Maybe it is just that things with lighter flesh (like white peaches) have a more fragrant and delicate taste to them. Maybe I am totally biased. Continue reading “Japanese Sweet Potato Tart (with Paleo Option)”

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